Cecil Evans Cuthbert
CecilEvans Photography
Caribbean Fashion & Beauty Photographer

CecilEvans Photography

Caribbean Fashion & Beauty Photographer

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About Me

In 2007 I discovered Photoshop CS3, began playing with friend's pictures, and discovered I could see through the "matrix" of what makes a powerful image.

In February 2009 I took the advice of a friend to purchase a camera... and the rest has become history...present...and future.

I am bent on bringing international standard photography to the Caribbean region and creating a sweet-symphony with the burgeoning Caribbean Aesthetic.

This is My passion...My art.


Before becoming a photographer, I began in the arena of retouching and I'm proficient in Non-Destructive techniques of editing...something that is sparse in the Caribbean Region. Inquiries for prices can be sent to the provided e-mail address, as for rates for photography.
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